Álex Marco at Luis Adelantado Valencia

Mulholland Drive

Álex Marco

September 01 – October 01, 2019

Luis Adelantado is pleased to present Mulholland Drive, a project by the artist Álex Marco which alternates an audiovisual discourse with pictorial work in a way previously unseen, resulting from his more immediate experiences with his environment.

This exhibition covers all four floors of the gallery, comprising a place we should allow ourselves to drift through, following the spatial logic of the markings on the ground. As if it were archaeology, viewers need to glide around the fossils of gestures comprising the exhibits, stains on the black top of a cracked road, tar and skate marks produced by contact on the canvas create incarnate shadows, highlighting the intent hiding behind all gestures, reminiscent of a footprint where time is indelibly marked as a result of the adherence caused by the image.

This tactile reading of the surfaces makes the floor, canvas and screen an endless voyage of discovery where the action of painting becomes its driving force, conferring a certain degree of order on a feasible plane. The images too, at the same level as the language, make inscriptions where the built up dirt, the imperfections and the paint stains, bear witness to the complex memorial processes hidden behind all gestures.

Mulholland Drive, 2019. Room 1. General view
Mulholland Drive, 2019. Room 1. General view
Mulholland Drive, 2019. Room 2. General view
Video painting! (Detail), 2012-2019. 8mm VHS - PAL video system 4:3, 53 s. Ed: 3 + 1 P.A. Video broadcasting, polystyrene, polyurethane foam and wood. 130 x 50 x 50 cm
Mulholland Drive, 2019. Room 3. General view
Mulholland Drive, 2019. Room 3. General view
Mulholland Drive (Detail), 2019. Gouache on conservation museum cardboard. 31 x 44 cm
Entorno, 2019. Photograph 35 mm on Ilford smooth pearl ultrachrome paper 310 g. 50.5 x 34.5 cm